Gallery Series

The Altman Gallery Series is a family of luminaries designed to serve as the most versatile solution available for museums, art galleries, hotels, restaurants and retail – anywhere aesthetic and performance expectations are high.


This scalable luminaire family is a 50 Watt, 92+ CRI engine that offers an average of 4000 lumens across a variety of color temperatures. The Gallery Series can be used to build a mix and match variety of solutions that includes a 15-35° or 25-50° profile, a beam wash with variable beam angle range (15-60°) and a flood option (85°), all of which can be interchanged to ensure that your changing exhibits and atmosphere will have the lighting tools flexible to adapt.

The Altman Gallery Series is available in a variety of dimming options and offers an auto ranging 120-240V power supply, with a 277V option.  A variety of mounting choices and finishes are available, as well as custom colors.