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Micro Par

This product is discontinued. These documents are for reference only. Datasheet Specifications Parts Manual


ODEC Outdoor Ellipsoidal ODEC Instruction Manual ODEC Pedestal Mount Information ODEC Drawings (dwg) C15-35 Wide (ies) C30-55 Narrow (ies) C30-55 Wide (ies) ODEC & MINI ODEC Wall Mount Drawing (Discontinued) Mini ODEC Outdoor Ellipsoidal Mini ODEC Drawings (dwg) 3K Spot (ies) 3K Medium (ies) 3K Wide (ies)

Outdoor Par 64

The Outdoor Par 64 fixtures are discontinued and the information below is for reference only. Datasheet Parts Manual Drawings (zip – pdf and dwg)

Outdoor Par 600

Datasheet Instruction Manual Parts Manual Drawings (dwg) Drawings (pdf) HPL-MFL (ies) HPL-NSP (ies) HPL-VNSP (ies) HPL-WFL (ies) HPL-XWFL (ies)

Outdoor Par UV150

Datasheet Instruction Manual LED Safety Instructions

Outdoor Spectra Cyc

Datasheet Specifications Spectra Series Programming Manual Drawings (dwg)

Outdoor Par CDM

this product is discontinued and the information below is for reference only. Datasheet Instruction Manual Drawings (pdf) Drawings (zip/dxf) Narrow (ies) Very Narrow (ies) Medium (ies) Wide (ies) Very Wide (ies)

Pars 38 / 56 / 64

The products in this section are discontinued. The information below is for reference only. Par 38 Datasheet Par 38 Specifications Par 38 Parts Manual Par 56 Datasheet Par 56 Specifications Par 56 Parts Manual Par 64 Datasheet Par 64 Specifications Par 64 Parts Manual


Specifications Instruction Manual Drawings (dwg) Gobo Holder Selection Guide


This product is discontinued.  The information below is for reference only. Datasheet CE Declaration Drawing (dwg) Gobo Holder Selection Guide