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    1. Please read this form carefully, provide the requested information, sign and date it.

    2. Email your request to support@altmanlighting.com and an RMA Acknowledgement will be sent via email within 24 hours. Incomplete, erroneous, or missing information may delay process-ing your request.

    3. Upon receipt of the RMA Acknowledgement place the RMA number on the outside of each box and return it to:

    Altman Lighting Inc.
    ATTENTION RMA# 1400 East 66th Ave.
    Denver, CO 80229 USA

    This RMA is only valid for Forty-Five (45) Days from date of issue.


    NOTE: It is Altman Lighting policy not to advance parts or products. If you are in need of an advance part or product, please contact the Tech Support and issue a PO against the advance. Upon return of the advance (must be within 45 days), Altman Lighting will issue a credit.

    If you have any questions, please contact Tech Support at 303-500-7072 ext 133 or email at support@altmanlighting.com

    Reason for Return: (Must Select One)

    Warranty RepairNon-Warranty RepairBad out of BoxReturn for CreditOther

    Warranty Repair:

    To qualify for Warranty Repair, you will need to provided proof of warranty either with serial number, the original Purchase Order or Sales Order. Altman Lighting will cover Ground Shipping on all Warranty Claims

    Non-Warranty Repair:

    For products out of warranty, a $300 Bench Fee Purchase Order will be required before RMA is

    issued. If the repair is going to be more than , we will quote accordantly.

    • If the customer does not want the product repaired, a $75 test fee plus shipping is charged before being returned

    Bad out of Box:

    BOB products must have shipped within the last 30 days from factory. If the item shipped more than 30 days ago, a warranty claim must be made. Altman Lighting will cover Ground Shipping on all Bad out Box Claims

    Return for Credit:

    Items being returned for credit will be assessed a 25% restock charge if returned in new condition in the original packaging. Additional restock charges may be assessed if the goods are received by Altman in other than new condition, up to and including the possibility of zero credit being issued. Photos may be sent to get an estimated assessment before goods are shipped. The final assessment is issued at Altman’s sole discretion, upon inspection of the received goods. Custom product and product made to order, including lighting fixtures with track adapters installed, will not be accepted for return for credit.

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