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Artemis RGL01 – Residential

The RGL-01 is an IP-65 324 multi array high output 150 watt full spectrum LED grow light that outperforms many metal halide grow lights that are on the market today. The compact design of this luminaire allows for even uninterrupted coverage across the entire plants canopy. The RGL-01 also incorporates Infrared LEDs to aide in READ MORE…

Artemis GLO1 – Commercial

The Artemis Series GL-01 full spectrum LED grow lighting is the perfect combination of LED technology and scalable design for any grow facility. The GL-01 is a high output, dimmable LED grow light  that outperforms many metal halide grow lights that are on the market today. The pod design of this luminaire allows for even uninterrupted coverage READ MORE…

LED Worklight II

The Altman Lighting LED Worklight II is the ideal solution for any space requiring a high CRI wide spectrum, dimmable work light. The small size and portability allows for placement in just about any venue.


The Spectra Series UV30 is a 30 Watt UV luminaire utilizing high performance, long life UV-A emitters. The Spectra Series UV30 is designed with three LED cells on three independent DMX channels for intensity control. The LED cells can be individually focused and the interchangeable yoke allows for vertical or horizontal alignment.

Hydra AIP-200

The Hydra AIP-200 is a compact 200 Watt RGBL IP65 rated & convection cooled zoom par. This silent, compact luminaire weighs in at just 13.44 pounds / 6.1 kg. but features a powerful lumen output with a wide zoom range. The AIP-200’s compact, cast aluminum design allows for discrete luminaire placement while the Red, Green, READ MORE…


The Ghostlight serves both practical and traditional roles in theatre. It’s the single light left burning onstage while the theatre is closed and, superstitions vary, but it is said to keep the good ghosts of past productions in the theatre. All proceeds go to Behind the Scenes charity.

Genesis Console

The Genesis Lighting Control Console combines the ease of use of a fader based lighting controller, with the power of a touch screen graphical user interface. A 7” capacitive touch screen provides a powerful user interface with the familiarity and comfort of today’s smart phones, making it easy to control.

Genesis Wing

The Genesis Lighting Control Wing adds numerous control options to the Genesis Console. The Wing expands the Genesis Lighting Control Console with the addition of an additional twelve (12) fixture faders and Ten (10) play back faders. The Wing also adds an additional DMX 512 output. Each Genesis Console can support up to two (2) READ MORE…


The AFS-500 LED follow spot follows the traditions of Altman Lighting while introducing several new key features to this performance luminaire. This compact, lightweight 490 Watt white LED manual follow spot is packed with a powerful feature set at an affordable price.