2 Circuit Track Lighting System

Superior performance for dimmed lighting, low life-cycle cost, and high power handling capability make Global Trac Tek lighting track an excellent choice. Global Trac Tek 2-circuit/2-neutral track is ideal for dimming intensive applications. The independent neutrals guarantee that the two circuits are completely isolated.


  • Independent Neutrals – enable greater power capacity (2 x 20A)
    Dimming capability-dim on two independent circuits without harmonics or interference on the neutral conductor.
  • Oversized Conductors – for higher operating safety and reduced overload potential.
  • Secure Bus Bar Insulation – firmly crimped insulation secures both conductors and insulation for the life of product.
  • Separate Mechanical Suspension Points – provides superior weight bearing capacity; ensures electrical contact integrity and reduces likelihood of arcing.
  • Polarity Ridge – takes the guesswork out of connector and track alignment during installation.