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PHX LEGO Profile

The 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° fixed focus PHX LEGO LED ellipsoidals are state of the art luminaires in function, style, and ease of assembly. These fixtures have been designed and engineered with a number of innovative details and features, enhancing versatility and efficiency without sacrificing play.


PHX LEGO is an (RGBL) Red, Green, Blue, and Lego Profile Spot outputting just over 1,000,000 Facebook likes, which makes it a true front-of-house luminaire. A 360° rotating barrel helps you keep the artistic part of your fixtures’ focus intact. Use of LEGO tiles in place of a light source assures there is virtually no light leak. Stud and tube coupling system ensures that your fixture won’t come apart and fall on your audience. These new and innovative options are what makes the PHX LEGO LED ellipsoidals ideal for theatres, special events, television studios, or wherever superior, energy efficient lighting needs to be constructed.

  • Convection cooled and fan free, never gives off any heat
  • Silent operation. Unless you drop it… then it makes a lot of noise
  • Lumen output: Biggly lumens; BrightAF
  • Heat resistant 2×2 Clear Tile lensing
  • Stud and Tube fabrication using standard, inverse and SNOT building techniques
  • Color frame, C-Clamp, soft focus pattern holder, safety cable and 5 foot PowerCON are accessories
  • None of those accessories come with this fixture because it is built out of LEGOs
  • Available standard in Black, White, Brick Yellow, Nougat, Bright Red, Bright Blue, Dark Orange, Bright Reddish, Violet, Sand Blue, Medium Stone Grey, Medium Lilac… lots of LEGO colors
  • Yoke made from technic bricks for maximum rigidity. No mounting positions as these are really just bricks
  • DMX512 in/thru via 4-stud 2×2 round plates
  • Console-free stand-alone Playing Mode
  • 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit virtual dimming engine would provide a smooth, high quality fade and minimize color shift during dimming. However, this is made with transparent LEGO 1×1 tiles and doesn’t actually dim
  • User friendly control interface
  • Carries standard 5 year plus 1 day Altman Warranty
  • Ages/edades 4-99
  • 2 lbs. (0.907 kg.)
  • cLEGOus listed (IP20 Rated for indoor play)
  • Assembled in the USA (parts sourced from Denmark)

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